Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Frostburg, MD - Rail Trail and Train Station

This past weekend we headed out in the mobile to a wedding in my old stomping grounds in Pennsylvania.

On the way home, we decided to stop a few places to stretch our legs and ended up having an AMAZING time.

Our first stop was Frostburg, MD. Michael wanted to stop because the Allegheny Rail Trail passes through Frostburg, so we figured we'd check out the trail conditions and maybe stop for a bathroom break and a bite to eat and let the kids run around a bit.

We were in for an amazing treat.

Not only does the rail trail pass through Frostburg - the entire town caters to the passing through of the trail. Everything is bicycle accessible including a campground just for cyclists with a series of ramps to the top of a hill overlooking the trail and active railroad.

There is also a train station with a steam engine that runs regularly with tourist passengers on a 12 mile route. Passengers are encouraged to bring their bikes on the train and cycle back to their cars after seeing the Frostburg sites. Aside from the campground, there is also a diner, ice cream shop, railroad museum, rail cafe and station, and small inn with gift shop (includes post cards, maps, shirts, keychains, etc. and a nice older gentleman who also runs the campground and knows all there is to know about the station and trail).

We grabbed some cheese fries and bottled waters after hiking up the switch back mountain bike trail from the train station to the rail trail and back down again. We checked out the campground and sites and had a little adventure along the way.

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