Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mud. Snow. Library.

I want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to visit their local library.  I ADORE the library.

It is muddy outside.  It is windy.  It is cold. 

But the library is open for business.  The library is clean. The library is warm.  The library is BLISSFUL.

First of all, I love books.  I want my children to love books - and they do, to be honest. 

A few weeks ago when snow had damaged the roof of the library and it was closed for the day for repairs, Maeryn and I ventured out, not knowing that we wouldn't be able to spend a peaceful morning amongst the shelves.  After I read the sign on the door explaining things, I told Maeryn I was sorry, but the library was closed, and turned to leave.

Maeryn threw herself onto the pavement and screamed, "OH NO!  BOOKS!  OH NO!" 

People were staring, of course, as I was dragging my 21 month old down the sidewalk while she flailed wildly, chanting, "Books!  Books!  Oh no!  Books!..."

We managed to calm down once I explained that we would be going to the local Petco: zoo.  She especially liked the ferrets.

Either way, I wanted to plug the library.  Most libraries do such a fantastic job.  Storytimes, movies, family nights, classes, and all FOR FREE.  It's sort of like magic.

When we went to NYC and were checking things out and talking about whether or not we thought we could live there someday, it was the library that motivated me, that spurned me on:  Yes, we could live here.  There is a library with a children's room, with kind librarians who love children, with storytime, with other parents who have the same struggles I have who share the value of books in their families as well. 

Yes.  I think that I could survive most anywhere that has a local library.  And a library with coffee is a super plus  ;-)

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