Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Denver Countdown: 3

So I suppose I should be thinking about packing or at least what we should pack.  I have an SPRC meeting tonight for the church (Staff Parish Relations Committee) at 7, but maybe up until then Michael and I should be working on packing lists, then we can get everything packed tonight, and tomorrow we can just leave as soon as Michael gets home for his parents' house.  We won't be actually leaving for Denver until Friday morning.  I'm not sure I even count the drive to Columbus, OH, since I've done that one so many times before (my grandparents on my mother's side are from Kentucky.)

Right now, it doesn't even seem like it's really happening.

I feel sort of dumb for being so excited about this - I feel like it must be some kind of abnormal.  I'm just going to another part of my own country for crying out loud - but our country is SO BIG - there is so much to see from coast to coast, from north to south - it's massive - I wouldn't be able to see everything in this lifetime.  This will be just one little piece of the puzzle. 


Heather said...

Excitement isn't dumb. People should get more excited about stuff. That's what makes life so fun!

Missy said...


I think I'm having issue with it because most of my life I didn't really get all that excited (especially outwardly) about anything, and suddenly I'm finding lots to be excited about and I'm almost thirty! haha

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