Thursday, July 15, 2010

The week in review.

I know it's only Thursday, but this week has been NUTS, so I wanted to post about it.

We got home last Saturday from Idlewild and Soak Zone and the whole family was itching to get out of here.  Move.  Re-locate.  Grab the RV and just RUN.  Jonah keeps asking when we're going to move to be closer to Sam and Ben. 

On the way home we actually got to see an RV that we all REALLY liked - complete with bunks for the kids and at a much lower price than we originally anticipated.

My feeling is that we get the house up for sale asap and then just see what happens. 

Don't get me wrong - the prospect of selling our house terrifies me.

I really do like this house.  I love the colors we've picked for the walls and the furniture and the artwork and my garden.  I love the potential in this house.  We live in a great neighborhood with great people and we're within walking or biking distance from everything.  Literally. 

It's just that it's so expensive.  And we aren't close enough together.  And we have wanderlust.

I know that for most people in America "bigger is better", but we've found that we're all happier when there aren't rooms and floors separating us completely.  I don't want to live in a house where Jonah is afraid to go downstairs to play with his toys without a grown-up.  That just seems silly.  We all agree we were happiest when we lived in the transitional apartment between our old house and the new one. 

In spite of that I'll probably cry when we sell it.  It's home.

There was also a lot of anxiety on my part about the week.  New things galore.  Most notably swimming lessons for both kids. 

There was nothing to worry about as usual.  Jonah's teacher is phenomenal.  He's already swimming across the pool.  Not just doggie paddling across - swimming across. 

Maeryn and I do lessons together.  Every day but today has been a lot of fun.  Today she wanted to get out.  She wanted to go home.  She wanted to take a walk - anything but be in the water.

I let her sit on the deck for a few minutes, and then she decided she simply didn't want to participate in the class - she wanted to play on the ramp. 

This went on until the end of class (about ten minutes).  She DID jump in at the end once. 

Yesterday she was ALL ABOUT jumping in - so I'm not sure what changed.  She even dove in a few times yesterday and came up grinning. 

Jonah has had Vacation Bible School all week from 6 - 9.  It's been good fun and he's been really excited about it every day.  Bible school was awesome when I was a kid and apparently not much has changed. 

Yesterday, while Jonah was at Bible School, Michael, Maeryn, and I headed to Myrtle Point for a super quick 2.7 mile hike.  It was nice, but too fast, I think - we didn't take the time to really taken anything in - we were worried about making it home in time to pick Jonah up at 2100. 

We made it in plenty of time. 

The kids have been watching Pokemon daily since our trip to Storytime at the library Monday.  They each got two videos and Jonah got a stack of books.  I think Jonah had more fun at storytime than Maeryn did. 

Not sure what else to write, I suppose, but felt like giving you all an update. 

It's a good summer so far - and going by much too quickly.  I'll be sad to see The Boy heading off to school in the fall.

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