Thursday, September 16, 2010

School Days.

This is Jonah's second week of school.

It is hard.

The first week he came home and said that he didn't really understand that teacher's expectations and that he was getting in trouble a lot.  We wrote a note to his teacher and asked her what was up, explained that we didn't want Jonah getting in trouble and were happy to talk with him about any concerns she might have and give any help that we could.

She wrote back and said that he is having trouble mostly when he is corrected about something.  I'm not surprised.  He's a perfectionist to the max.  He gets it honestly, unfortunately.  We've been trying to work with him on making mistakes and getting over things, but it's a rough road.

This year he has spelling words and that is the hardest thing yet.  He doesn't want to do them and he explodes when he gets something wrong.  I think that the words are a little too hard for him.  Each kid gets a different set of words and I think she is challenging him TOO much.  He has never had spelling words before and this week's words are: while, white, chick, lunch, and little.  It would be nice to start out the year with more phonetic words, I think.  We're trying to make games of studying, but the test is tomorrow and he really isn't ready.  Hopefully something will click for him tonight. I hate seeing him so frustrated.

This morning he said that school was "boring".  He really wanted to stay home and play with his Lego set that he got for his birthday (he'll be six on Sunday  :-o) and was none too happy about having to catch the bus.  I don't know if that's just a sentiment for today or a sentiment for the year.  Hopefully just today, though we do have about twenty more days left to pull him from school without penalty if we feel like it really isn't working out.  Part of me hopes for that.  The other part is terrified of it.

It's been hard for me to get on a new schedule.  I told Michael that Maeryn and I would work on potty training once school started.  We haven't really done that.  She doesn't really want to except very much on her terms and I'm not sure how to work with her given that she doesn't WANT to try.  Maybe she really isn't ready yet, even though she is showing so many of the signs.  I have got to trust her on this one.  Trying to think of more fun and interesting things for us to do during the days.  Wishing it didn't get so hot in the afternoons.

Sorry this entry is sort of a downer.  Life really isn't so bad.  We have vacation (really more of a stay-cation) next week and we are doing all sorts of cool (and CHEAP) things!

Well - Maeryn just came up the stairs to announce that she "pooped".

Time for real life.  Take 1,673.

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Lauren said...

You know, our Father is in control of this situation, and as long as you listen to His voice, you will be at peace with whatever situations you find yourself in.

Look for the Light -- it's always there, shining on you!

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