Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday is my favorite day.

I'm not sure why, but on Tuesdays I just tend to have more energy, more grip on myself and reality, more grounding, more time - everything about Tuesdays is just better than other days.  It is, indeed, my most favorite day of the week.

Today was sort of a lazy day around here for the kids.  They watched DVDs from the library and colored endless pictures and built with blocks and hung out on the couch.  We did take some time out of the day to do some other things:

Jonah has been wanting to make home-made lemonade for some time now, and this week we were able to get lemons at the grocery store to do just that.

We squeezed them ourselves into measuring cups and strained the seeds.  Jonah was really interested in measuring, squeezing, pouring, and then adding sugar and water to obtain the perfect taste.

He likes it pretty strong and sour!

Jonah has also been practicing a lot of two-wheel bike riding the last two days.  It took me forEVER to convince the kids to get out of their PJs and come outside with me on this beautiful fall day, but we finally managed.

He's getting pretty good.

And I was able to pursue a little of my own passion:

Self-Portrait in Sidewalk Chalk

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