Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So this week we've decided to stop eating anything that might be GMO, buy organics when available, and make the financial sacrifices necessary to do that.

I get that this isn't possible for everyone.  Two years ago this would not have been possible for us - but now that we CAN do it, we are. 

This week we actually spent just $89 on groceries.  It helps that we're visiting relatives two of the seven days out of the week and we'll be eating on their grocery budget, but it made me feel MUCH better knowing that it wasn't breaking the bank completely to change this thing about our diets.

It's been a little tough on the kids - they are chicken nugget types, so whole foods and organics isn't sitting all that well.  If anyone has a recipe for homemade chicken nuggets that has been a winner with your little ones, PLEASE share it in the comments section for me!

Michael picked up Irish style oatmeal.  It reminds me a little of tapioca - smells good, but the texture is creepy - I'm thinking we'll try the traditional style slow cook organic next time.  No amount of cinnamon or brown sugar can save me from that fish eye feeling - ick...

I made Vegan Shepherd's Pie last night.  Total wash with the kids.  Maeryn ate ONLY the mashed potatoes, so I guess that wasn't a total loss.  Jonah refused to try anything.  He's been having a hard time with life in general this week - I'm not really sure why.  Michael and I both really liked the shepherd's pie.  I wanted to take a picture to share, but totally forgot about it because by the time it came out of the oven, everyone was "starving" and couldn't wait to dig in.  I think they were a little turned off by the brussel sprouts. 

Sigh.  A mom can try!

If you're interested in ditching GMO's at your house, but aren't sure how to know or where to start, check out this site.

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