Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day Weekend: Volume Two


We grabbed breakfast and prepared for a trip to REI to get Jonah's hiking pack for his backpacking excursion with Michael this coming March on the AT.  We had lunch at Wawa on the way (the drive is about 1.5 hours).  I enjoy taking the kids to Wawa because they can practice reading and using the computer and they get to choose exactly what they want to eat, so there are no complaints.  They had turkey sandwiches with bacon, chips, and special drinks (Maeryn had apple juice with a Strawberry Shortcake lid and Jonah had a Kool-Aid Jammer).  Not the healthiest of lunches, but they enjoyed them, had a good time, and got something they wouldn't normally get to have at home (namely, the special drinks).  Jonah requested that we stock the fridge with Kool-Aid this summer.  I told him I'd give it some thought.

At REI things were a little crazy - both kids were so excited it was tough to concentrate on what, exactly, we were doing.  We did manage to outfit Jonah with an appropriately sized hiking pack.  We were also "cutsified" into getting a pack for Maeryn:  "It fits so perfectly!  And it's PURPLE!"
Yes, Maeryn is pantsless.

Jonah's bag is already packed.

In spite of the extra purchase, and the purchases of some freeze-dried food items, we managed to stay under budget for the trip, which is fantastic!

When we got home, we cleaned the house a bit and got ready for the local community theatre awards banquet - which is a pretty fancy affair.  I was excited - it's the only really fancy thing we do on an annual basis, and it's fun to surprise everyone with the fact that I actually do, on occasion, dress nicely.

Jonah snapped this picture.
We had so much fun at the banquet.  Michael won the award for best lighting designer and we had the rare opportunity to show off our swing dancing skills.  I'm sorry there's no picture of us cutting a rug; it was great to be back on the dance floor, in spite of the DJ's choice to play Sing, Sing, Sing first (it's a LONG song, and I am OUT of dancing shape, though I admit, it's one of the greatest songs of the era). 


This day was spent grocery shopping by Michael and the kids, and working on a low potassium menu for some friends by me.  I get obsessed with healing with foods - I can't help it.  It's something that I've found I'm passionate about - strange as it may sound.

After our separate dealings we headed to The Refinery as a family for band practice and worship gathering.  There was a potluck afterward - I brought my lentil soup and had the spectacular opportunity to try out some truly fantastic dishes by some of the other women of the Church.

At home we spent some time talking with Jonah about the RV.  He's had a lot of anxiety lately, and we found out it's because he's worried about what will happen to his possessions when we head out on the road.  He was thinking we would have to give everything away.  We explained that while we would be getting rid of some things, he would be able to choose several things to take with him in the RV and several things that we would store with our parents or friends for the year.  It seemed to take a great weight off of his shoulders.

Only one more day left in this truly lovely weekend - I wish it would never end!


Mayo said...

Oh how I love Benny Goodman! Enjoying your blog!

Missy said...

I'm so glad! Thanks for stopping by!

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