Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I suppose that I need to write a blog in response to yesterday's commentary.  I received more feedback on yesterday's blog than I have ever received on a blog.  Feedback from folks who don't normally read my blog, from people who do, from people who read it just this one time, feedback from people who didn't read the blog but just decided to join in on the conversation.  Messages, emails, facebook comments, blog comments, phone calls, and more...  I didn't mean to stir up quite the ruckus I seem to have stirred.

I think that I touched on some hard issues for a lot of people in some way - discussing unschooling and homeschooling and more traditional forms of education - we all have our opinions and of course we all want to help one another, especially when we genuinely care about what happens to a person and their children.

I would really like to encourage those of you who read yesterday's post and haven't read any other posts to look back through the archives of this blog and learn a little more about our journey to get to where we are now.  Yesterday was one day of many days in our lives. 

I admit that I was discouraged yesterday.  I was frustrated and exhausted and yes, ready to give up.  After getting some sleep and talking to some friends I feel better about life in general, and about our unschooling choices.  I appreciate that I have so many friends who are concerned about the well-being of my family and me.  It's nice to know there is so much love out there. 

On every blog to which I contribute, my aim is to portray life as honestly as possible, and not to just paint a rosy, unrealistic picture of my life or my mental state.  For me, the blogs that talk about the hardships and the hard times and the tough choices are the ones I like to read the most.  Not because I enjoy seeing others suffer, but because I can learn something from their experiences.  I don't put this blog out here to be a tutorial on anything, though it sort of started that way, now it's really a log of me and my family and our journey through life in this world.  Maybe this is a poor choice, but it's the only one I feel good about making.

I am sure that there will be blogs in the future where I am having second thoughts about a major decision.

I debated about posting anything about the comments and responses I received regarding my previous blog.  I was actually advised not to address it and to just post as though nothing had happened, but I felt that would be dishonest.  Yesterday was a tough day.  Today is a better one.  I am thankful for the fresh perspectives each new day brings.

Thank you for your kind responses and your concern for me and mine. 

Now.  Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Brief update on today's happenings (because I think this blog is already long enough, and I need to put rice on the stove for dinner):

-  Breakfast and Dora with Maeryn
-  Pepperonis and book time in on my bed
-  Dissolving rock salt experiments
-  Look at leaves under a magnifying glass
-  Dinosaur land in the bathroom upstairs, complete with sink full of water for a watering hole
-  Yu Gi Oh marathon (the ancient Egypt season) with Jonah while Maeryn played Nick Jr. computer games and snuggled on the couch


-  Dinner (burritos)
-  Swim team practice for Jonah with Maeryn in tow
-  Lighting meeting for Michael
-  Coffee with a friend


Deborah said...

I hope I was too overbearing with anything I said this evening - as in too many "needs" and "shoulds". That wasn't my intent. More, I just wanted to be a sounding board and encourage you to follow your own path which I know is never planned haphazardly or taken lightly. Take care :-)

Missy said...

It's totally fine. It was nice to talk to someone in person. :)

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