Thursday, April 19, 2012

Food and Such.

We've been cooking up a storm around here.

I'm ecstatic that the Farmer's Markets are open again and the season is humming along.

The air is breezy.  Flowers are blooming.  (I won't mention my incredible battle with allergies at the moment.)

On Monday, Michael left a gift of a loaf pan sitting on the stove.  I saw it when I woke up in the of course I had to bake a loaf of bread.

Exquisite.  I have no idea why we buy bread at the store.  And so...  I've decided to stop.

Maeryn has become quite the little baker herself - she asked for an apron and chef's hat for her birthday, which is coming all too soon. 

With our farmer's market spoils and organic produce from the grocery store + raw cheese from a farm in PA, we made THIS FABULOUS PIZZA.

Hungry yet?

There are vegan cupcakes in the oven.

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