Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bus Update: kids' rooms

Michael did not get the job.  At least that's what we assume since it's been two weeks and we've heard nothing.

Current plan:  finish the bus.  ASAP.  Move into the bus.  Fix up the house for renting.  Rent the house ASAP.  Figure out income from there.

We are working hard on getting Patchwork Veracity to be viable.  There's so. much. work to be done there.

And... of course the work on the bus continues.

This is Jonah's room:

(The break you see in the carpet leads to his trapdoor, where he is currently storing his toys.)

This weekend we were able to paint both of this kids' "bottom floors".  They chose their paint colors.  Jonah: red, Maeryn: yellow.  And there is much more painting to be done.

Michael finished putting the fridge into place in the kitchen and will begin framing out the bathroom tomorrow evening.

Lots finished, lots more to be done.

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