Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Yes, we celebrate Halloween.

And yes, it is one of my favorite holidays!

There's nothing like getting dressed up and celebrating the decimating and chasing away of evil spirits (you know that's what it's about, right?).  Yes, it has pagan roots - but so do all of us Gentiles and Celtic types.  Thanks be to God that he is Lord of All and the ultimate Redeemer!

Today we carved up our pumpkins and lit our tea lights and roasted our seeds and dressed in our finest to grab the goods in the neighborhood and meet and greet with the peeps we sometimes only get to interact with once a year.



Jonah as the red ninja from LEGO Ninjago

Maeryn as a kitty cat.

My favorite - this pretty much sums up their personalities.

Oh, and my other favorite...
 Hope your Halloween is Spooktacular!

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