Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring ARGH 2013

Billy (the Bus, officially named) and we Bells went to our third ARGH (Autodidact Radical Gathering of Homeschoolers) this past week, so I thought I would fill you in on how it went and what we did.  I wish I had taken more pictures, as is usually the case, but I'll leave you a few I did manage to take along with a short list of our experiences as a family (on the road!).

Jonah posed for this one: "do you want me to pretend I'm walking so you can get a better picture?"  I wanted to capture the beauty of the North Carolina mountains.  This picture doesn't quite cut it, but if you can imagine more vivid colors, more beautiful horizons...  then you'll have it just about right.

Maeryn and Michael made this cool paper roller coaster for a marble. 

Jonah hung out with these two the entire time.  He had a blast - probably the most fun he and Maeryn have had at any ARGH. 

Stuff we did:

-  played music
-  participated in the talent show
-  ate awesome potluck food
-  baked cookies
-  made friends
-  learned a ridiculous amount of stuff about ourselves, our family, parenting, learning, and so much more
-  hiked
-  took a 20 mile bike ride on the Blue Ridge
-  learned hand massage techniques
-  took a few pictures
-  texted with friends
-  exchanged numbers
-  found new parking spaces
-  roasted marshmallows
-  danced the night away
-  demonstrated pipe cleaner creations
-  found a new animation game
-  played with toys
-  got wet
-  drank coffee
-  exchanged knowledge
-  inoculated newbies
-  watched TV
-  cleaned up
-  tried new foods
-  gave hugs
-  shed tears
-  said good-byes
-  drank tea
-  made hide-outs
-  offered advice
-  took advice
-  relaxed
-  made peace
-  waded through the creek
-  took hot showers
-  took cold showers
-  gave tours
-  discussed dreams
-  ditched self-consciousness (if only temporarily)
-  more.  There was a lot more.

A few of my take-aways:

Saying yes means making a way.  It doesn't have to be a traditional way.  It's about finding solutions and ways for everyone to win. 

-  The world is full of the things that we need, we just need to realize they are there for us to have.

Parenting peacefully means parenting creatively.  Trusting your children means looking for ways in and out that might not be your first instinct.

-  Every unschooler is not going to want to travel the world or find a life-consuming passion.  This is okay.

-  Good things end.  So do sucky things.

Road Rules:

1.  Bring lots of towels.  There will be leaking.  Sometimes there will be lots of leaking.
2.  Drink more coffee.
3.  Be nice to truckers.
4.  Get a clothesline.
5.  If you must read while riding, remember that your eyeballs bounce separately from the rest of your head.

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