Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Independence Day.

Maeryn (left), who wanted to get closer and closer to those beautiful blazes, and Dad (right) who made sure she didn't run into the road.

I realize that this is publishing well after July 4th, but such is the way of things on this blog.

Our Independence Day was spent at my parents' house and celebrated at my dad's church (he's a pastor) at their annual shin-dig before the fireworks.

Dad is a creative character, and since people were parking in the church parking lot and sitting on the church lawn to take in the local mall fireworks anyway, he decided it might be awesome to add some food and carnival games and face painting and music to the mix.

Kids get a hot dog, bag of chips, and CapriSun or soda for free, and their parents can partake for just $2.  Face painting, carnival games, and music are all free for all.  Oh!  And temporary tattoos!  And glow necklaces.

glow necklace, waving flags, and RAIN.

This year it rained for the duration of the event, but they shot of the fireworks anyway, and the kids had the best time.  Maeryn was so excited she screamed and laughed and danced all through the fireworks display, then rushed home to draw about them and put on her own "light show" with her glowing bracelets, necklaces, and sticks.

Michael and friend, Mitch Nassar provided the live musical entertainment.

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