Friday, July 26, 2013

Why This Campground is Awesome: You Should Stay Here

Making a "sand angel" in the giant sandbox.

Presque Isle Passage is the place.  It is lovely.

Off the beaten path, but close enough for a scenic and non-annoying drive to Presque Isle, the Passage is shaded, green, intimate, and fun.

Our campsite is spacious (we moved here after the parking lot place), affordable, and includes a fire pit and well-made picnic table, not to mention a patio, grassy area, and gravel parking space.

We love the sandbox (pictured above), the playground that wraps around a huge old tree, the staff (who "liked" our page on Facebook and are probably reading this right now), the gift shop (that has literally everything you could ever possibly need.  Ever.), and the laundromat, which includes wheely laundry carts, giant dryers, take and trade bookshelves filled with books, magazine racks, bulletin boards with useful information, clean facilities, a lovely bathroom (with marble sink!), and a lounge area with big screened TV, leather lounge chairs, a rocking chair, kids' books, a chess board and table with kid sized chairs, and a pool table.  There is more but you're probably already getting jealous reading about this place.

Seriously, it's worth it just for the awesome laundromat.  I am thinking of moving there on a permanent basis.  It connects to the store so there's really no reason to ever leave.  Except the whole...showering thing...  which might get gross after awhile.  I wonder if we could fit in one of the washers?

Next time I do laundry, which will happen at least once more before we leave here, I will try fitting into a washer.  I will also take a ride on the wheely carts.  Because, seriously, who doesn't want to take a ride in a wheely cart? 

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