Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Date Night: Burlington

Ben and Jerry's visit.  She got chocolate chip cookie dough.

 We do dates with our kids.

Maybe I've mentioned this before.

Maybe not.

But we try to give them one on one time and we take turns switching kids.

This night was my night with Jonah and Michael's with Maeryn.

I think you'll mostly enjoy the pictures.

Coffeehouse visit... and chess.

Indy bookstore tour - we found the magnetic poetry board especially inviting.  Jonah is responsible for the prominent quote here.

He used his allowance money (and a few dollars from the family spending fund) to buy this magnetic chess set.  His logic was sound: "I need this because when the bus is moving the Harry Potter set bounces around.  With this, we can play while we travel."  Sold.  We set up in the park.



Maeryn's introduction to climbing.

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