Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hiking Vermont

I love this state.

I love this state.

I. love. this. state.

I loved Ithaca.  I really did.

And I loved Erie.  I did!

But Vermont... not just Burlington... but Vermont...  this is the state.

(How many more times will I say that in the next 13 months?)

Today we went hiking to a waterfall.

I scouted the territory and we packed dinner and sweatshirts and off we went!  (Did I mention it cools down at night here?  Feels like real summer!  (says the Johnstownian whose children are currently freezing...)

In Ithaca hiking to the waterfalls was really walking along a paved or stoned walkway.  Everything was clearly labeled, easy to find...  not so here - and I love that.

We drove around for a few minutes before we found the trail-head.  It was hidden in the trees and down a little embankment - we just parked where we saw other cars and hoped for the best... and GPS was pretty sure it was around there somewhere. 

The hike was short but steep, muddy, rocky, and awesome.  To see the waterfall we had to climb out over huge rocks and slide on our butts.  Yes.

This is not the epic part of the hike - but it was where we felt safe turning around and wielding a camera. 

I stripped down and swam in the freezing water.  Sorry, there are no pictures.

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