Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Live Free or Die.

My parents went on vacation to Vermont and New Hampshire earlier this summer.  They've been singing the praises of New Hampshire for weeks, so when we pulled into North Conway, NH, we had high expectations to say the least.

This was a more expensive campground.

We like to spent between $35 and $40/night maximum when it comes to campground fees.  This campground was $51. 

In it's defense, it absolutely has all the amenities.

Swimming pool, dunk tank, beach, canoe/kayak tours, giant chess board (Jonah is dying to play right now), basketball courts, playground, sand volleyball pits... the works.  It is also crowded with families including tons of kids.  Hoping the kids are able to find some friends. 

We are having a tough time settling in, in spite of the amenities.

All of us miss Vermont.  Maeryn cried on the way here because she didn't want to leave the friends she'd made at Sunday School at Church at the Well.  New Hampshire will have a seriously tough competition while we're here.  We're also, due to the expensive campground and my husband's continued furlough (you government types know what I mean) a little shorter on cash than this tourist town would like us to be in order to get the full experience.

We'll keep you posted on the state of things.

Meanwhile, we're taking the closest hike availabe... across the border in Maine.

Maeryn is tired.

Michael has been helping me with the photography.

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