Monday, September 2, 2013

What It Means to be Homesick

Taken through the door of the bus.

It's our last night in Vermont.

I feel like crying.

Things here were so...  easy for our family.

Jonah found friends at a skatepark across the street from the campground and made dates with them each morning to skate and scoot.  I went running and made a friend who takes the same route with her dog each morning.  We've been chatting it up about the neighborhood and about running shoes (esp. Vibram Five Fingers) and the strange things we do for our training.  We've even called a Realtor to take us to check out a house (ended up a money pit, but it was fun to see).

As the sun sets tonight, Michael is outside playing and working on his music.  It's the first time he's had the guitar out for any serious length of time since the trip began.  I snapped a few shots, but the one posted above is my favorite.

We had a family meeting and talked about quitting now and staying here near Burlington.  I wanted to most of all.  The others wanted to press on, and of course I don't want to miss it, but I am beginning to long for a place of our own.  A place to garden and plant and root and flower.  To till my own ground.  To make some lasting friendships.

It's funny - I thought we would learn so much about the world on our trip around this small country, but what we're learning mostly is about ourselves.  What makes our family tick.  Things we like.  Things we don't.  Which relationships matter.  Which really didn't, and why.  Friendship.  Family.  Many, many lessons.

Both kids have grown hugely both physically and emotionally thus far.  Our grocery bill has skyrocketed in the last few weeks.  We're more physically active, but the kids are also sprouting upward.  So many changes.  I am thankful to have this way of documenting it all.

And my homesickness as we prepare to leave Burlington and Vermont tells me that home isn't a place at all.  It's people.  It's rooting.  It's relationship.  It's a feeling of kindred spirit.  I miss it.  I will miss it again.  Yet...  onward!  Tomorrow is another adventure.

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