Monday, October 7, 2013

Date Night: Portsmouth

I needed to get out of the bus.  I'd been there hanging with Maeryn for what seemed like weeks.  She just. wanted. to. stay. in.

This sometimes drives me a little bit mad.

So I asked Jonah if he would come downtown with me while Michael and Jeff continued work on the bus.  And he said yes!  (Maeryn stayed back and binge-watched Pound Puppies)

We started our night at the park where we'd gone earlier in the week for a local homeschool group outing.  Jonah showed off some of the skills he'd learned on trapeze at Circus School

Then I asked if he'd walk downtown with me.  I wasn't sure exactly how to get downtown, but I figured with my handy dandy cell phone and GPS, I couldn't get too lost.

Portsmouth is... very cool.  It's quaint and cultured and historic and honestly simply a really nice city.

Michael was at home making tacos, but Jonah saw this place...  it was a burrito place and he asked if we could please try it.

We call Jonah our cat.  Our cat because he doesn't like change or trying new things.

This might have to change.

Because my cat wanted to try a brand new restaurant.  And when we got there he ordered a brand new thing.  He got himself soft chicken tacos with roasted tomato and pepper sauce with a side of chips and a bottle of Coke.  His first time trying anything but a plain taco with nothing on it but meat.

Michael was totally cool with it when we called to ask if it was cool if we skipped his taco dinner. 

It wasn't his favorite thing ever, but I was so proud of him for trying it!  And for ordering something completely new.

The Coke was not so new, but having it from a bottle was.  He still has the bottle in the car and fills it with water to drink from time to time.
I was sad to go home.  The city was just heating up.  We passed more people carrying instrument cases than not as we headed back to the park to pick up the car and head for home.  Good night.  Great food.  Better company.

If you're ever in Portsmouth, Jonah and I recommend Ole Burritos and Beer for a fine dining and possibly musical experience. 

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