Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Family Visiting.

Eating birthday cake and pouring water at Grandma and Grandpa's kitchen table.  Maeryn bought the centerpiece at the Dollar Store and displayed it on the table.
We are visiting Michael's parents this week and then my parents a few weeks later.  It will be the last time we see them for approximately twelve months.  As this knowledge sinks in, I become a little melancholy about the trip.  It's a long trip.  And the west coast is far away.  It will be hard to be so far from everything that we know.  All the people who feel safe and comfortable.  All the things we have grown to understand.  This is especially difficult for me.  I'm an East Coast girl.  I grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Maryland and that's been my life.  The farthest west I've been is Denver.  I've never been to any of the western states south of Denver.  The only really southern state I've ever visited for any extended period is Florida.  It's all foreign and intimidating.  And sad.  Exciting, of course, but so sad. 

I didn't think I would feel that way. 

I think the above phrase is the signature phrase of this entire experience so far.  I'm hit constantly with things I didn't expect, didn't know I'd experience, for which I didn't prepare.  It's a wild ride.  And it's constant.  These times with family are rare and welcomed reprieves.

I took a long, hot bath.  I cooked in a big kitchen.  I shaved my legs in what felt like a giant shower.  I lounged on a couch and Jonah could fit next to me.

We knew what we were in for most every day.  It felt like a calm on a stormy sea. 

So. nice. to be casual and able to let down awhile.

Thank goodness for family.

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