Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Toward the North

In the morning we decided against staying another day in Death Valley, and instead we would start off toward Yosemite - our next destination.  We thought we could make the whole journey in one swoop.  

Getting out of the Valley proved tough.

We needed gas ($6.00/gallon!) and the roads were rough.

Michael put enough gas in the tank to get Billy out of the valley, where we hoped we'd find some cheaper diesel.

We did, and we also learned the California was finally getting some much needed rain.  The wind and dust storm we experienced dropped water on the other parts of the state.

Next to us at the gas station.

Lots of water.

Still hours from our campground near Yosemite, we all tuckered out.

The drive was just too long.

We wanted to rest. 

We wanted to be still.

We wanted to eat.

So we stopped at a truck stop in the middle of a little town and did those very things.

In the morning, we got some donuts.

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