Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just Chillin' in Salt Lake City

It was nice to settle back into a campground with proper heating and me not driving. 

The first place in Salt Lake where we had a reservation reneged when they found out we were a bus conversion.  I tried not to be upset about this.

There was another place relatively close to town that said they had no problem taking us.

It was better anyway.  The new place had a great playground, a cute yard for each RV, and an indoor hot tub + laundry facilities and a fully stocked camp store.

Everyone was feeling pretty refreshed and peaceful.

Maeryn decided to take a turn washing the dishes.

Those are her feet up there on the stool. 

Jonah donned Michael's headphones and delved back into the world of Skyrim

I got out the good camera and took a lot of pictures.

No one seemed to mind.

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