Saturday, June 27, 2009

Adventure Family

Here's a brief introduction to our little outdoorsy family and to this blog.

Through this blog, I hope to log our family's adventures and to inspire other families to get out and have an adventure. Any vehicle can be an adventure mobile. Any family can have an adventure in the great outdoors. Grab your backpack, bug spray, and sunscreen and get outside!

Our four adventurers will be featured in this blog:

Michael: The head of our adventuring clan. He's the husband, dad, tent setter-upper extraordinaire.

Me: The Girl Scout turned mom who can't stand to just sit there all day.

Jonah: Our four year old highly gifted homeschooling son with an affinity for creepy crawlies and all things science.

Maeryn: Our one year old who NEVER stops moving.

The first few blogs will probably be some backstories of previous adventures we've had together. I hope to include some tips for parents in every blog to help you on your adventures and your goals as an outdoor family.

Bring on the marshmallows and mountain pies!

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