Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Adventure Mobile

Our 2008 Honda Fit is the little car we have picked up to replace my old Dodge Dakota Sport. Joe, as I called him, was a good truck, and I felt pretty darn powerful behind the wheel, to be honest, with my V6 engine pulling me along and a bunch of junk to haul in the bed, but we have two children now, and when we found out I was pregnant with Maeryn, we decided Joe had to bite it, so to speak. So we said goodbye and bought the Fit.

We chose this particular vehicle after much research on Michael's part. He loves to research things, make charts and graphs about them in Excel, and then make his choice based on this research. I usually just go and pick what looks good at the time. I think both ways have their merits, but I'm glad we went with Michael's on this one. We wanted to vehicle that got great gas mileage and didn't totally suck for the environment and fell within a price range that wasn't too pricey. This was the first actual new car I've ever had. All of my cars in the past had been used (all two of them).

I must recommend the Fit to anyone in the market for a new car and less than three children. It is incredibly spacious, the back seats fold down completely, and you can fit just about anything in the sucker: strollers, bikes, diaper bags, hiking gear, luggage for a week - you know the drill. It's a good car.

So we call it our Adventure Mobile.

We also have a Dodge Caravan, but for some reason, it's just not the same as the Adventure Mobile. We don't really take it on adventures unless we need more than one bike, and it just doesn't seem very fitting in the bush, though it does make a great camping vehicle if you leave the back open the entire time and make it a base camp.

Some of the adventures posted here will be based around the Adventure Mobile, as is the title of the blog. Some, yes, a few, will be based around the Caravan. All of course, are really just about our Adventure Family, but that URL was already taken.

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