Friday, January 1, 2010


Welcome to the year 2010.

I admit that this turn of the decade does not hold for me the same excitement that it seems to hold for others. I'm not sure why this is. Maybe because I feel like the party we threw at our house last night was sort of lame. Maybe because I still feel that stress I felt yesterday. Maybe because I haven't been hiking in months...

I'm thinking maybe we should schedule a hike for tomorrow.

I wish there was better hiking around here.

It's motivating me to move.

Or it's just my wanderlust kicking in. This happens to me about every four years - you know, like when I should be graduating from something and going somewhere important but nothing really changes. It's a little frustrating. I admit this.

I do have some things to look forward to this year, so I'm going to post them here, so I can share them with all of you, and hopefully not forget about them:

Family vacation to Chincoteague, VA
- We went here a few times during my childhood and it was a really nice place to be. The beach is not crowded, the town is quaint with fun little movie theatres and ice cream shoppes. The people are kind and helpful. And there is nature ALL AROUND. Always a plus for me.

Camping. A lot of camping.
I want to schedule this - just weekends of tent living and bliss. Last year our camping trip was honestly one of the highlights of my entire life, and it was only one night in a tent and one day of amazing hiking and swimming in the open water of the lake and playing on playgrounds and cooking over campfires - but even a cheese sandwich just tastes AMAZING when you're outside amongst the fireflies.

Running my first 10K.
I started with high hopes. I thought maybe at the Flying Pig I would run the half marathon, but instead I figure it's a little more realistic for me to try at 10K. We have yet to sign up for the Shamrock 5K in Baltimore. I'm sad about it, but don't really want to mention it to Michael because we are really short on funds right now. I hate money.

That's not a ton of stuff, but it's enough for me. We'll see how it all pans out, and I'll be sure to update you as we go.

Oh - I did want to add that Jonah now knows how babies are made. Good times were had by all. I'll be adding the book that started THAT fabulous conversation to my Amazon widget.

Happy New Year!

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