Friday, February 26, 2010


Just wanted to post some of the things my family does to honor our heritage around the house...

There are really only two things, but I think they're pretty clever..

1.  The Family Recipe Scrapbook


My mom got me this little notebook because, as you may have gathered, I love journaling.   I don't always journal in a typical fashion, but I do love writing and blank sheets of paper honestly make me salivate.  

Either way - what I've done with the above book is transformed it into a recipe journal of recipes from different family members, my own creations, and things I've gathered that my family loves.  I paste things inside from emails, write down things I can remember, call my mom and write it all down...  I think it'll be a pretty cool thing to pass down someday.

2.  The Family Tree Wall
My parents have always had portraits of their grandparents hung around the house, and when my grandfather on my father's side passed away, I decided that I would like some portraits of my own.  

I asked my closest relatives for portraits of themselves circa high school graduation, added my senior portrait and my husband's, and now we add a new pictures of the kids on every birthday. It's so interesting to see how the kids are growing and changing each year and to compare traits across family lines to see who got who's ears, eyes, and chin-line.

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