Sunday, February 28, 2010

St. Mary's River State Park.

We went hiking today at St. Mary's River State Park.

It's a frequent haunt of ours and pretty much the only good hiking anywhere near us.

It was SO good to get back on the trail.

We did three glorious miles.

I took tons of pictures.

The kids had a GREAT time.

Jonah ran almost the entire way ahead of us.  He's training for a mile long run we're heading to Cincinnati for in May (Michael will be running the marathon; me?  MAYBE the 10K).  The little guy is FAST!

Maeryn rode in the backpack most of the way, but walked the last quarter mile.  It was a good day:

There's the cute little girl donned in all pink.  Daddy is sporting the Kelty Kids Journey - we got it on super sale at REI a few years back for Jonah.  It's served us very well.

Here's Jonah on the beginnings of his crazy run through the woods.  At one point he got scared because he ran a little out of ear shot and ran back to us in tears.  It didn't take long for him to hit the trail again on his own, however.  Not too long before we'll be hitting the AT  :-)

Saw these berries and had to grab a picture - the reds and greens are gorgeous!

Jonah grabbed his sister's hat when we stopped for snacks:  dried cranberries, Gushers, and pretzel sticks.

Not such a huge fan of the Great Value ad we seem to be showing here - I hate Walmart and pretty much everything about it, but being on the budget we are currently on forces us into things we wouldn't really like to be doing if we could help it.  I love how Michael looks in this picture - yes, I realize he's in the middle of eating something, but I think it sort of really captures how I see him as a person.

Jonah ran ahead and ended up in the mobile long before we made it to the end of the trail.  He surprised us by sticking his head out of the door and screaming at us, monster style.

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