Thursday, June 17, 2010

Elm's Beach

Took the kids to Elm's Beach Park today.

It was awesome.

We had an amazing time.  I brought strawberries, pretzels, raisins, Capri Suns, and tons of water and we hit the park.  We didn't go to the beach - it was ridiculously hot and I didn't have time to pack bathing suits (there were several incidents involving tricycles, sunscreen, and horsey back riding that I'd rather not get into at this time), so we stuck with the huge playground.

The slides were hot - this is something I didn't really ever think about.  I mean, I remember it as a kid, but it never bothered me, I just picked up my legs so only my butt touched and life went on - but apparently a little girl got 3rd degree burns from a slide somewhere in this great nation, so be careful and make sure you test slides before your kids hop on...

We climbed things and jumped across things and the kids played under the playground at this cute little shop window type set-up and pretended to run a bakery.  When Jonah asked Maeryn how many cookies she wanted, she said "Two, please!"  How cute it THAT!  We all ate pretend cookies and real fruit and drinks and had a ball.  We even worked on some math stuff making change at the "store".

The kids were fantastically behaved.

I really am working on this new - well...let's just say improved - parenting philosophy.  I AM trying to say yes more.  We stayed well past the time I thought we would leave, but it was WORTH IT.  The kids were pleasant and sharing and wonderful.  They even shared raisins with ME!

Next time we go - we will definitely bring an all day bag with picnic blankets, more sustainable food in a cooler, extra sunscreen, and bathing suits so we can get the full benefit of the park.

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