Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ignite the Night 2010

Yesterday we went to Ignite the Night with the fam.

Michael played at the 2 PM spot, but since it was during nap time and we had a cranky five year old who was post-sleepover, we decided it best not to go to see Daddy play, but to head over after dinner to check out the scene and hear some music.

It's a really great event, and can only get better, since this is just the third year it's been held.

It's a free Christian music festival - ten hours of music, vendors, blow up things for kids to run through and jump on, face painting, the works. 

I would highly recommend it to anyone - it's good enough to drive quite a distance to experience, I honestly feel.  I'm hoping that next year our church will take a more active role in participation.  Our brood had tons of fun in water spray area, in the blow up train, and getting our faces painted (Maeryn did not get her face painted, she got a green balloon; Jonah chose to have his arm painted).  Good times were had by all.

Below are our "tough" faces.

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