Tuesday, June 22, 2010

RV Search: Volume 1

As you know, we're hoping to hit the road in an RV in the next two years.

Contrary to popular belief, we have been interested in doing this since way before I started reading a bunch of blogs I read now - in fact, I read the blogs BECAUSE those people are living the way Michael and I are interested in living.  Just wanted to set the record straight. 

ANYWAY - yesterday we headed out to check out a Class A and some others that we saw at a local RV place. 

Things we learned:

1.  We want a Class A.

2.  We want a bunkhouse unit.

3.  We do not need a gynormous bathroom area.

4.  The booths fit our family comfortably in the kitchen area - this was one of Michael's worries.

5.  We like the kitchens best that have a slight curve in the counter space so we can set up a stool and have a space for the laptop.

We know we could just gut whatever we get and do whatever we want, but we'd really rather get something that's already ready already!  But - it's all about cost and whatnot, and, as Jonah will tell you, we probably won't be getting our RV home "until the market turns" and we can get out from under our upside down mortgage on this house.


T Peter said...

I smell a book deal out of this. If nothing else, this sounds like a pile of fun and an interesting adventure for the family.

Missy said...

:-) that's the plan - not sure about the book deal - though it would be fantastic. Not even sure how to go about getting someone to GIVE me a book deal - I'm largely uneducated in the writing field, to be honest. But yeah, a year in an RV, the whole search for self thing usually sells relatively well.

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