Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some Dreams.

I've been reading some new blogs lately (they've been added to my "recommended reading" over there in the right-hand column of my blog (along with all the Google ads and Amazon stuff - btw, I get a little shot in the wallet if you click on this stuff or buy anything from Amazon through my blog, know... help a sister out!)) and they've been really inspirational.  They've been getting me thinking about my life and my family and I really wanted to put a couple of my dreams out here in public - mostly to hold me accountable for them.

Here's the deal.  I'd like to do an RV year with my family and go everywhere we can in that year.  Travel the country and see what this big place has to offer.  I've never been west of the Mississippi.  Heck.  I've never been west of Kentucky!  This summer we're going to Denver and we're driving.  It'll be my first time even close to the west.  I'm so excited I might pee.

But yes, I'd like to do the RV year.

I'd also like to find a community of Christian artists who are living out their faith fully in practice and in their art.  I'd like to find that or create it somewhere.  I think that's why I desperately want to do the arts camp and desperately want to start an intentional community.  I want a place where I will be held accountable.  Where others share my values in raising my children.  Where creativity is encouraged as an act of worship.

I'd like for Michael to have the opportunity to follow his dreams - making some $ from music, designing houses and seeing them come to be...

I don't think that these are impossible dreams.

I wonder about where we'd end up after the RV year.  I worry about my parents, mostly.  I know that if we end up in Portland or something it would hurt them that we'd be so far away.  I don't want to rob the kids of knowing their grandparents well either.  So there's that.  But that's a blog for another time.

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Anonymous said...

Why would you want to live in Portland, Oregon???? judy

Missy said...

lol - just an example. I don't know why. I've never been anywhere west of Kentucky!

Personal Finance Mama said...

I want that intentional community. We are musicians and Jesus lovers and traveling gypsies. I wonder what you thought of Colorado! Did you love it? I live in Boulder until we get our RV.

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