Monday, May 31, 2010

Evenstar Farm.

My friend Judy invited our family to hang out with them at their farm co-op's picnic today, and we were stoked to take them up on the invitation.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how your thinking...), we did not bring the camera, so there will be no picture, but I wanted to write about our little adventure anyway  :-)

We had a really great time at the farm.  Got to hang out with friends, the kids got to play and meet new friends, we ate scads of amazing food (most of it produce from the farm) and Jonah swam and drove around a canoe in what was essentially an 18 inch deep pond/mud pit.  Good times were had by all.

We're considering very seriously joining a co-op when we have the money to drop on it, which will hopefully be soon.

This particular farm is close to organic.  We don't have organic farms down here because in order to be certified organic, you've got to be so many miles away from other farms that aren't organic... and unfortunately, this is too small an area to have that.  This particular farm uses organic practices, but is unable to be labeled officially organic due to the fact that they are close to other farmers who do NOT use organic practices.  Very convoluted, but I get it.  Hoping that the intentional community deal can work out so that we can work on getting involved with more cooperative practices like this.  No, I don't have a blog on intentional community, but I'll write one when I have the time and let you into the loop.

In other news, Jonah learned to ride a two-wheeler today!  Congrats, little guy.

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