Thursday, July 1, 2010

Denver: Day 4

I am insanely tired.

We have been doing stuff just about non-stop since we got here.  This is a good thing.

Yesterday I did not remember to bring my camera, so the pictures included on this blog are by my father-in-law, who kindly allowed me to use them.

Yesterday was awesome.  Perhaps my favorite day.

In the morning we took the kids to the Denver Children's Museum.  It was a GREAT time.  We could have easily spent all day there:

but we got hungry and headed to McDonalds and Doug and Lyndsey's church to check things out.  I must say, however, that they had a fully equipped cafeteria for eating, we just didn't want to spend the money - tons of healthy foods, vegan foods, veg foods, and regular old omnivore food.  As you can see, Maeryn adored playing dress up in the theatrical play area, and Jonah loved the bubble science lab.  They also have an animal habitat playground, a HUGE sand dome tent, a fire truck with all the bells and whistles, a workshop with recycled materials and real tools for kids to use in building projects, an art studio for painting, a puppet theatre, a train area with tons of magnetic trains and tracks to put together, and more - we did not get to do everything, much to Jonah's dismay.

  We stayed in for afternoon naps and then just before dinner we went climbing.  I REALLY enjoyed climbing.  I wish that we had a climbing gym at home or anywhere remotely close to go climbing.  Maybe there is one and I just haven't been informed, which would be awesome, because maybe someone will inform me...  but I'm thinking no dice on this one.  Jonah did amazingly well.  It took him awhile to get over his nerves, but he eventually climbed about ten feet with Michael and me - it was his goal for the day, to climb to the "blue line", and he did that.  He was very brave, and I was very proud. 

As for me, I climbed twice to the top and did some fun bouldering.  Michael says I'm good at it  :-)  I think it's fun - reminds me of climbing trees as a kid - though the callouses appear much more easily in rock climbing...


Anonymous said...

there is a climbing wall at SMCM

Missy said...

I've heard tale of this - is it expensive? Is it big?

Anonymous said...

Come down to the college some day this summer and I'll show you. j

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