Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Doing Life.

I keep thinking that I don't have anything to write about here because we're just "doing life" right now.

We're not really hiking or running or biking or anything - we're just...doing life.

But I've heard that that's something people are genuinely interested in...  so maybe I'll just post some pictures...

This is Maeryn washing up after finger painting...  that's her typical facial expression...  the one that says "I am the ULTIMATE mischief maker..."

This is Maeryn during finger painting.  She painted all four pictures.  She's been trying out different styles - with brush, sans brush, whole body....

Michael was messing around on the sax, thinking about stuff for the album he's working on currently, and Jonah wanted to try.  He can't reach all of the keys on the alto, but a soprano will do him well if he maintains some interest.

Jonah grabbed the camera and nabbed this great pic of Michael working on his music.  He was playing guitar while leaning over the piano to the clacking of the metronome.  I spent about fifteen minutes trying to capture the very expression Jonah snapped instantly.  He has an amazing eye for photography.  I have loved all of his photos.

He took this one of me.  I LOVE it!  Everything about it, the framing, the lighting, the colors, and the fact that I'm really, truly happy!

Michael did a family photo shoot at a local park for some friends of ours who recently brought home a new son (age 14) from Uganda.  It was QUITE the tumultuous journey for them.  Michael snapped some great photos that day, including this one of our picnic snack while we waited.

Not a lot to say about this one, except that I LOVE my kids and I'm sure that by now, you can see exactly why.

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