Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jonah's Autumn.

Jonah has been faced with options and has come up with the following plan for himself for fall:

-  attend Montessori School
-  continue swim lessons at a competitive level by joining the swim team pre-team lesson group locally
-  train for Shamrock 5K
-  take guitar lessons from Daddy
-  have a Pokemon birthday party for a big group followed by a sleepover with a small group
-  host a big Halloween party for friends and family with costumes and "bobbing for pears" (due to his apple allergy)

I'm pretty excited about his fall.

I've had to let go of some things - like putting him into piano lessons regardless of his wishes because it's a priority for Michael and me that he learn to read music on both clefs, my excitement that he had made it to Level 1 gymnastics, etc.  But I think that he has made choices that are pretty awesome, honestly.  How many six year olds are training for a 5K?


Deborah said...

Sounds reasonable. Christopher pretty much did his own thing growing up as well.

Oh, and it's good to know about pears. I didn't reaize he could eat them. More dessert options for when you guys come over someitme.

~Tara said...

Love it! He's got an action packed fall ahead! :)

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