Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to tell him nothing's changed.

Last week we went to our annual allergist visit for both kids.  As many of you know, my children have had several food allergy diagnosis:  Maeryn: soy, tomato, yellow squash, dairy; Jonah: peanuts, tree nuts, apple, dairy, eggs, peas. 

At our visit, we got the astonishing news that Maeryn was no longer allergic to ANYTHING.  We didn't even know how to take it.  I have never planned a menu for a child who could have anything she wanted.  I was floored.

Jonah went and got a blood test to see how his allergies were doing as well.  The results were to come in this morning.  Maeryn had a scratch test at the office so we got her results immediately. 

After some run-around, we finally got the results of Jonah's tests.  We had been very hopeful that he would have something to celebrate, just like his sister.  He said that he hoped he was no longer allergic to dairy so that he could try ice cream.  He had high hopes.  We did too. 

The results were not what we had hoped.

While all of his reactions had gone down, he was still allergic to everything he had been allergic to before. 

It's really good news that everything has gone down.  It means that some day he will probably be free of most of his allergies.  I just wish I had something to tell him that was for right now.  Me and my instant gratification.


He's on the phone with Michael and he's hearing the news.

My amazing, beautiful little boy is HAPPY about his test results.  He is still hopeful.  He is not upset, angry, or tearful.  He is mature and even glowing.

I am the one who has growing up to do. 

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Anonymous said...

Good for Maeryn. enjoy the blessing

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