Friday, August 13, 2010


There is, perhaps, no better feeling, than tucking your children under blankets on your big blue couch in front on Thomas, complete with hugs and kisses and the dimming of lights, as the tea kettle whistles contentedly on the stove upstairs.

I adore my whistling tea kettle.

I love having both children home today.  I am sad that Jonah will soon high tail it back to school.

Right now the kids are having a "movie rest".  A term coined by our friends, Adam and Mandy, who have taught us MUCH about parenting as we have watched them parent their children, who are a few years older than ours.

The movie rest is the transition from nap to no nap.   Pillows, blankets, and lovies are provided, along with a calm film of the child's choice.  Sometimes they sleep.  Sometimes they just rest.  Either way, both the child and the parent get what they need:  a break.

The movie rest still even appeals to Jonah, who has no interest in naps except on a very rare occasion, but he acknowledges that a rest break is a good thing.

This has given me approximately 46 minutes of time to blog and think and be and drink my green tea with local honey...  perhaps longer if the children fall asleep.

I've been able to reflect a bit on our summer together - the kids and me.  It has been a really full summer.  A really GOOD summer thus far.  We've absolutely had our share of fun.

I will be sorry to see it go.
Maeryn's latest piece of art.

Jonah's artwork (my breakfast this morning!).

Yesterday's puddle.

The same.

Pretty much the sweetest boy on the planet.

The same.

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