Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stay-cation: Entry 2.

My GQ hubby on the boat.

We returned to Southern Maryland from my parents' house last night and didn't bother unpacking - we just crashed.  All were tired from a long day of driving and a long few days of good times.

So far, I really like this whole idea.

I know that going to my parents' doesn't count as "staying" anywhere, but it's not exactly vacation - Dad paid for our gas and tolls and we stayed with family and did things around their area - so maybe THEY had a stay-cation?

Semantics aside, we had a good time, and today we are taking a break from traveling anywhere and we are having, as Michael calls it, a "chill day".  Jonah is downstairs coloring in his Star Wars coloring book and watching Netflix.  Michael is designing a set of shelves/magazine rack for the kitchen, and I am sorting through pictures and catching up on my blogs while Maeryn naps (her choice after her bath today).  So far, two thumbs up on the day.  Michael even made eggplant parm!  Tasty stuff.

Tonight I will be heading to the fundraising gala for the local community theatre.  I have to attend as a board member and season director (I'll be directing You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown! in the summer of 2011).  I'll get all dolled up in a little black dress and heels, make my required rounds, and head back home.  Plans for tonight include breaking out the pottery wheel and clay Jonah got from a friend for his birthday and giving it a whirl  ;-)

Over the past few days we have been out for gelatos, taken a boat ride with a cooler full of food and a deck full of fishing poles, taken two seven hour car rides, visited Falling Water - except we didn't get to see it because it was closed for parking lot paving (sadness), visited Seven Springs (we wandered around, but the Alpine Slide was closed, so we ended up just leaving), and Kooser State Park (which was phenomenally fun).  In spite of the little disappointments, I think everyone would agree we've been having a ball:
Jonah at the helm.

Mom and Dad (Grammy and Pap)

Michael and Jonah studying the map and plotting a course.

Michael and me on the boat.

Maeryn snacking.
Pap and Maeryn.
"Land, ho!"
Hoisting the anchor.
Spring fed swimmin' hole at Kooser State Park, Laurel Highlands, PA.
Kooser Dam spillway.


Heather MacQ said...

how cool that you hail from PA and laurel highlands area. that is where we spend a week to 10 days every fall camping and is one of our favorite areas within 5 hours...i can see why you'd staycation there!

Missy said...

I miss home VERY much some days.

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