Thursday, October 14, 2010

Run Reflection: Barefoot.

I have decided that in my training I am going to start only timing myself, and not worrying about how many miles I churn out.

I know this seems a little backward, but for me, it's really peaceful - calming.  It feels like the run is something that is in my jurisdiction, instead of something that is controlling me.

It also feeds my newish desire for more freedom in my life.  More places to go.  More things to see.

Yesterday I ran for twenty minutes.

I know.  It's not much.  It probably wasn't all that far - maybe two miles.  MAYBE.  But it was a really GREAT run.

Michael made tacos for dinner.  The kids got some time to chill.

I ran.

I hate my new running shoes.

Arch support is truly the devil.  I found myself wanting to rip that foamy piece right out of my shoes more than once.  Oh how I longed to be running barefoot!

I never thought I would be THAT kind of runner.  But...  I am.

After I got home to the comfort of my own yard I ripped the shoes from my feet, tore off my socks, and ran up and down the block once shoe and sockless, just to feel free again.

I am SO hoping for those Vibram Five Fingers for Christmas.  Anyone want to buy them for me?

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