Friday, October 15, 2010

What if...

What if by the time Christmas rolls around, we are living in an apartment in New York City and skating with friends at Bryant Park?

What if the land sells this week and I am able to pay off my debt?

What if we find someone who wants to rent our house, furnished, and we can afford to buy the RV?

What if we left all this behind?

What if we moved to Denver?

What if we moved to San Francisco in a trailer?

What if Jonah is so sad that he has to leave his swim team and friends that I feel guilty forever?

What if we start homeschooling NEXT WEEK?

What if Jesus came back TODAY?

What if Maeryn never goes to school?

What if we move into an intentional community in Brooklyn?

What if we left The Refinery?

What if we stayed?

What if nothing changed?

What if I were drinking chai at Starbucks with you right now?

What if the reunion with my friends on Saturday is awkward?

What if I get a studio on the square?

What if I finally get to head up a mural project downtown?

What if I get cast in Doubt?

What if I don't?


Deborah said...

Break a leg can do it :-)

And the answer to most of your other questions is that we would be very happy for you but sad for us.

Missy said...


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