Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where we are now.

Jonah left Montessori School last Friday.  On Monday, we started our homeschooling journey.  Jonah wants to unschool.  And it's ME who is scared.

Will people accept us?  Will it REALLY work?  How will we find other families who are doing this?  Do they all live across the country?  How can we maintain friendships for Jonah?

There are thousand questions flying through my brain right now.

Mostly I feel inadequate.  Inadequate to defend our choices for our family and inadequate to spend the necessary time.

I feel lucky that we have this year before we have to worry about an umbrella or a registration or any sort of inspection or what have you to sort of get our feet under us.

I think it's funny when people ask me what we did today or what Jonah learned.  It's really hard to articulate it.

There's also the whole - we really decided on the unschooling bit yesterday.  Before that I was fully prepared to order curriculums.  Now I feel sort of like I'm flailing.

But we're doing just fine.  And we ARE learning.  I hope that those who are close to us will understand what we're doing and why we're doing it.  I'd like to have some support.  Just forums and websites aren't really doing it for me anymore.


Heather MacQ said...

Keep your decision constantly in prayer...God has given Jonah to you and not anyone else for a specific reason...don't feel you need to defend your decision to anyone. The unsurity will give way to confidence as time passes and you do more and see the effect on Jonah.

Missy said...

Thanks so much, Heather! It means a TON to have encouragement from another mom!

Robyn said...

It seems like quite often the people who should be the most supportive of you - your biggest cheerleaders - in decisions like this can criticize or frustrate the most... but just like your friend said - God has given Jonah to YOU! He placed your kids with you guys in your family for a darn good reason, and they are apparently happy and thriving and learning! They are fed and clothed and loved and taken awesome care of!
You're giving them more than everything they need! :)

Missy said...

Thanks so much, Robyn!

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