Thursday, March 24, 2011

Holistic Healing: Asthma.

My son has suffered from asthma for four years of his six year old life.  He's tried an inhaler.  He's been on nebulized steroids.  He's been on Singulair.  And all of that sort of exploded when he started having out of the ordinary rage issues. 

I've been talking a little on this blog about Jonah's mood swings and sensitivity, but things seemed to be getting progressively worse: more frequent, more extreme.  I started to be suspicious that there was something chemical going on. 

After researching online, I realized that Singulair had caused many people serious mental problems.  From hallucinations to suicide, the statistics and comments were stunning and scary.

We pulled him off of Singulair immediately.  Which meant I had some work cut out for me in the research department for another way to treat this - something that wasn't chemical. 

After a time, I found Yogi's Breathe Deep tea.  Many asthmatics had commented that it was the only thing that really helped their asthma.  So I snagged a box and we started a regimen of  Breathe Deep in the morning to open the airways, and chamomile at night to relax any spasms. 

Here's the thing...


I have been extremely into herbal treatments, remedies, healing with whole foods, etc. for about eighteen months now, but I haven't had the guts to try something like this for Jonah's asthma.  Why did I wait so long? 

I don't want to speak too soon.  It has only been about ten days since we stopped his old treatment and started the new, but I am already seeing such vast improvements in his energy levels, moods, and overall health, I just had to say something to you faithful readers. 

I HIGHLY recommend Yogi's Breathe Deep tea to asthma sufferers everywhere (with a nice dose of chamomile at night).  (Jonah's asthma is both allergen and sports induced.)

We are also supplementing with 24 hour allergy meds for his seasonal allergies when I know he'll be spending a lot of time outside.  Once the farmer's market is back in full swing (9 days!!!!) I'm going to grab up a bunch of local honey and try and phase out the allergy meds. 

Jonah has 1/2 a mug of Breathe Deep with breakfast and 1/2 mug of chamomile with his bedtime snack. 

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