Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dreads for The Boy + Weekend Adventures.

We put dreads in Jonah's hair last week.  They are ROCKIN'.  I love everything about them.

He said he hated brushing his hair and never wanted to do it again.  I told him we could shave his head or put in dreads, if he was serious.  He opted for the dreads.

photo credit:  Summer Webb

photo credit:  Summer Webb

Did I mention it was 85 degrees here yesterday and we spent the day at the beach?

We have had a lovely past few days.

This weekend we managed to go to LEGO storytime at our local library; attend First Friday - where Michael played a gig at the used bookstore while the kids and I explored the square and the wharf, ate ice cream and drank smoothies, and picked up some comic books; go to the farmer's market and grab some local honey, blackberry jelly, and a huge bag of kale; go roller skating with Michael's colleagues; pick up roller blades for Jonah and watch him zoom around the neighborhood; go grocery shopping; play music, see friends, and love on Jesus at church; and watch Dino Squad like maniacs.  It was full and AWESOME.

I've been working on my attitude when it comes to the weekend.  Often I go into it sort of expecting to be disappointed.  I'm changing my perspective to "expecting to be surprised", and it's working out WELL.

Hoping all of you had a wonderful weekend and are also having a wonderful WEEK!


Kerry Estey Keith said...

I love the dreads! Just saw your blog on the radical unschoolers network, so I thought I'd check out your others.

Missy said...

Thanks, Kerry!

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