Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quick List of Happenings and Thoughts.

- Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day - I am actually Irish and will be making vegan shepherd's pie.  The kids will probably not eat it, but I will be happy to have the smells in the house.

-  We are taking Jonah off of his asthma medication and starting him on an herbal regimen.  Don't worry, we're telling his specialist.

-  Had a fun day today for the most part - went to see a friend's baby goat!  The kids had fun playing on the trampoline and checking out Pokemon cards and Star Wars action figures.  I was glad to chat with another mom :)

-  We made vegan vanilla and vegan chocolate cakes tonight.  It was sort of a disaster - the cakes turned out alright, but the kids were way too tired to have as much fun as we'd hoped to have.

-  I'm learning that there is this volatile period of hyperactivity before a crash and burn into tired tantrums before sleep occurs.  This is valuable information.

-  I have been so lazy about blogging.  I just don't feel like downloading pictures.  Sigh.

-  I've been treating my seasonal depression with herbs this season.  I'm not sure yet if I've noticed a change.  It's been four days.  I'll let you know the verdict in a week or so.

-  We had a fun visit from my parents Sunday - Tuesday.

-  We found our bus.  It'll be available in June.  We're saving up to pay for it in cash.

-  I haven't logged our "academic" activity since Michael and Jonah returned from their hike.  I'm having a hard time feeling bad about this.

-  Got a new book from Amazon about unschooling.  Already 3/4 through it.  It came yesterday.

-  Looking forward to reading my magazine and book in bed tonight.  Wishing the evening didn't fly by quite so quickly.

-  I've decided that days go far too fast since we quit schooling.  I'm bitter about it.

-  We visited the intentional community house and everyone in our family loved it.  There are tons of allergens that would need to be dealt with before we could move in, and the prospect still scares us to death, but it's on the radar as a real possibility...  if we ever get up the guts to sell this place.

-  I feel like I hardly ever talk about Maeryn here.  Just wanted to say - she grows more beautiful by the day.

-  I end most days feeling like sleep should be optional.


Deborah said...

You know you are always more than welcome here. The basement refurb has been on hold only because we had no driving need for it at the moment. That can change if it needs to. Then you can take over Christopher's rooms in the upstairs.

Mouse said...

JUST saw this, so you'll probably never see my response... but maybe you will! Anyway, we might be moving in with you guys once we get our house fixed up and on the market. I'll keep you updated :)

Amy said...

New to your blog and I'm really enjoying it. I found you through Free Range Kids. Anway, can you share the title of the unschooling book you mentioned? Thanks

Missy said...

Amy - missed this comment until now - the book was The Unschooling Unmanual.

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