Monday, April 18, 2011

Adventure Bus Savings!

In case you haven't noticed - there is a cute little thermometer in the sidebar of this blog telling you just how much money we've managed to save toward our bus.  The thermometer keeps track of all we've managed to pinch and scrape together plus any generous gifts we might happen to obtain.

Today I was so excited to see that someone I didn't even know was reading this blog made a generous donation.  Thank you so much!  It's so amazing the people that you can come across in the blogosphere and people who are supportive of seeing others achieve their dreams.

In addition to Adventure Bus Savings, we're also pinching pennies to get ourselves completely our of debt.  I'm sure you've read about that in previous posts here.  Michael has started taking on as many odd jobs as possible and I'm looking at the possibility of getting a full time teaching and art studio locally to make some extra cash.  I admit I'm excited about the possibility of having time and space to create while making the money we need, but I have a little bit of guilt about taking time away from the family.  I realize, however, that things that give me energy are things that really do help around the house in the long run.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time doing things for ME, and the pay off was, in my opinion, that I was highly energized all day and in a super positive mood.  I baked bread and took the kids places and didn't flip out AT ALL even in the stressful situations.  Everything just seemed mellow and I was able to take things in stride after the me time yesterday.  I didn't even care that I had to dust bust crumbs or clean up toys before my acting students arrived at the house.  The prospect of the studio even had me up half the night just thinking about the possibilities and 10 PM the next day I don't feel all that tired.  It's amazing how our bodies can run on energy giving activities for such a long time. 

Hoping all of you are able to spend some time for yourselves this week, or maybe this weekend. 

Thanks again to those of you who have been able to give toward our bus and our debt free dreams.  My hat is off to you and I pray that you are blessed a thousand times.

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