Friday, June 24, 2011

Long Time Posting.

So I haven't posted at all since our camping trip, and I'm not at all sorry.

I go through phases with my blogs.

One day I'm a devoted blogger who is going to try and make blogging a career.

The next day I don't think about the blogs at all, or I'm angry at them and I don't want to write in them because it feels disingenuous and contrived. 

[I also don't have any pictures to post].

Regardless - here is the latest family story, followed by a brief "doing report":

Last night I had a rehearsal to run, but we finished early, and since the days are long and summery, there was still plenty of light outside when I finished.

The fam picked me up in the mobile and we dashed home to drop off my script and junk and grab a couple of jars: it was time for a firefly adventure.

It wasn't exactly what I expected (I'm learning that nothing really ever is...) and there were a few sibling blow ups and a huge sobbing extravaganza courtesy of Jonah after we decided the fireflies would like to be friends, and instead of crawling into his jar, they crawled into his sister's...  but other than that, it was pretty magical.

It was truly lovely to see the fireflies as they sprung from their underground dwellings and drifted, sparkling, into the sky.  Jonah climbed several trees in the little park on the square as the "look out", while Michael caught several little bugs for his jar.

Maeryn was content with her one firefly, and sat next to me in a camping chair sucking her thumb, snuggling her lovey, and watching as the firefly crawled up and down the sides of the jar, switching sides in heroic flightful journeys, attemping to be free.

We stopped in at my art studio for a few minutes while the kids studied their bugs and ran up and down the hallways in the generally dark arts center.  Michael and I bantered about where this or that thing should go and declared our schedules too filled to do the things we wanted to do - and yet they are filled with things we want to be doing.

On the way home, we stopped for assorted foods, everyone got to choose as long as we kept our choosings under $15, and we arrived home with full bellies and tired bodies.  Bedtime was easy for everyone - we mostly dropped into bed.

What we've been up to:

-  Jonah started tae kwon do lessons.  He's doing really well and likes it very much.

-  Maeryn had her first horseback riding lesson today.  She talked about it excitedly and then said she didn't really want to ever go back.  Not sure what's up with that...  maybe she's not sure what she means... maybe she's had the experience she wanted now, and doesn't need any more. 

-  I'm directing a show and in a show and insanely busy - trying to put in hours at my studio, teaching four classes... insanity - mostly good insanity...

- Michael is choreographing and tech directing the show I'm directing.  He's just as busy as I am. 

-  Both kids are doing swimming lessons.  I am wishing that they weren't four days a week.  It's a bit much with the rest of the craziness happening at our house. 

-  Jonah passed the swim test at the local pool.  He can now go in the deep end, go down all the waterslides, and jump off of the diving board himself.  He's beast  <3.

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