Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Harvest

This year I tried my hand at growing potatoes for the first time.

I was inspired a bit by the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle..., by Barbara Kingsolver, I admit.

I grabbed a bag of organic potatoes straight from the grocery store and planted a few of them.

Honestly, I never thought they'd come up.

I had several consultations with my dad (gardening expert) and a few with my mom (grew up on a farm), and while I found that I didn't have to plant the entire potato (oops), my crop actually started to grow.

I don't know why, but planting something and then watching it spring from the ground is one of the most excited things in life for me.  Second to a few things, perhaps, including actually harvesting the produce from the seed I planted with my own hands.

I know this doesn't hold the same fascination for everyone.

Yesterday, when I saw a few potatoes peeking in small mounds from below the ground I squealed and called Jonah out to share my excitement:

"Look, Jonah!  The potatoes are coming up!"

"That's it?  That's why you called me out here?"

"Well...yeah, isn't it cool?!"


Okay - Jonah probably won't be a gardener...

Either way, I called my dad on the phone to ask him if I should dig them up, and he wavered a little, so I asked my mom this morning, telling her the stalks were yellow and the leaves curling and browning.  She said they were probably ready.

I dug up fifteen or so potatoes!!!  It was magical and wonderful - like opening a surprise gift someone left on your doorstep and finding wondrous treasure!  My heart pounded faster at each new discovery.

I called Maeryn out to see them this time.  A little more into it than her brother, but still not all that stoked, so I called my dad.

He wanted to know all about them and asked how many and how big and even made some cooking suggestions.  Best. Dad. Ever.

I love that guy.

Oh, and here's a look at our first harvest!:



Anonymous said...

Haha, I can completely relate to your excitement. I planted a little window-herb-garden thing last year and couldn't help showing off my little sproutlings! =P

Squee indeed. <3

~Dawn E.

Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I grew something from seed: green beans. First, I was surprised that I enjoyed having my hands in the dirt! Then the seedlings sprouted and I was thrilled, and later I harvested, cooked and ate beans I grew...a fantastic thing :-).

I also love your dad...who understood what this meant to you AND knew that good things are even better when shared.

What a wonderful story :-)

Happy Day!
Kathy Mead

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