Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Places and Things.

News Bullets:

-  We have a place to park the bus! 

-  Jonah cut his toe pretty badly on the door at church - it looks fierce, but I will spare you a picture  ;-)

-  We are skipping tae kwon do today to hit up the library with some friends.

-  Michael took me in the BEST anniversary date yesterday - it was a total surprise, the babysitters just showed up and he bounded down the stairs in nice clothes and said "Are you ready to go?"  We went to Applebees and took a walk on the beach.  ::swoon!::

-  Maeryn is putting her face in the water at swim lessons - this is progress!

-  Our backyard looks awesome thanks to some elbow grease from Michael and me.  Mulch, gravel, sand in the sandbox...

-  I'm addicted to Baked potato chips.

-  I'm looking forward to tonight's dinner made almost entirely of local foods from the Farmer's Market.

-  I'm wearing my (literally) twelve year old sweatpants and a tye-dyed tank to the library today.  I'm okay with this.

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