Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bus Update 2.

We have a bus.

Well... we don't have a physical bus in our actual possession, but we BOUGHT a bus.

We wrote a check, we got a receipt, the bus is OURS.

Now we just wait until mid-August when it comes off the road for the bus company and ON the road for our family.

If you've been keeping track of our bus savings on the thermometer in the side-bar, let me give you an update as to how the money will be divided.

$2500 for the bus - that's already spent, the bus is ours!

The other $2500 will be used for any necessary repairs, and for the entire conversion.  We'll be using the money to purchase furniture, parts, insulation - the works - for a full RV conversion.

After we've finished, we'll start saving for a veggie oil conversion, but that's something we're not thinking about in seriousness until the bus is ready for us to move in.

We'll be parking the bus, which I think we're naming "Bettis"  (shout-out to the Black and Gold nation), at a friend's house while we fix it up, since it doesn't fit all that well in our townhouse neighborhood with assigned parking.  By November of this year, there will be a for-sale sign in our yard if all goes according to plan.  Once the house is sold, we'll decide (depending on how long it takes for the house to sell) if we move into an apartment for a brief span, into a friend's basement for a brief span, or into the bus at a local campground. 

There is so much to do, but I am thankful to have a receipt in hand, and for the means to do the things we have so hoped to do for the past few years.

On top of saving a big chunk of Michael's paycheck every two weeks toward our $5,000 goal, we've also had a couple of generous donations from readers.  Yesterday we got a donation for $500! 

It amazes me, the generosity of people.

Thank you so much to our donors, to those who have supported us by reading this blog and commenting, to those who have held us in their prayers, to those who have given advice, allowed us to vent, and voiced encouragement as we move forward on this journey.

Thanks everyone!

Much love,


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